The Home Stretch

The completed annotations are due in less than four days! I can barely believe it. I have imagined this period of time since the beginning of the semester. It is going quite differently than I had imagined. I thought that I would be utterly stressed out and scrambling to finish the last of the annotations. But the truth is, and I hope I do not jinx myself, I am not! Everything is going fairly smoothly. I am almost done with all of the annotations. I just have a few sections here and there to finish. I wish I had left more time for myself to edit, but the time I have will have to suffice. Unfortunately this Sunday is going to be dedicated almost entirely to laying out the newspaper. So I won’t have a lot of time for info gathering then. However, I plan on editing the annotations when I have bits of free time.

Writing the annotations is going well. I have my own process to follow to get them done as quickly as possible. There are days when I cannot focus, which is extremely frustrating. But for the most part I know I just need to isolate myself, put on some acoustic music and type away. I have started editing the annotations I have completed, and noticed that I have had to make less edits than I normally do. At the beginning of the semester, I  would mark up my papers so much there would barely be any white space showing. However, it seems that a lot of the punctuation, AP style and grammar rules have become engrained in my brain. I hope this knowledge lasts, because it will help me in all of my other classes! It is a refreshing feeling to be confident when typing papers. Before this semester I felt apprehensive about my writing. I admit I still do, but I have gained a lot of confidence in my own abilities. I hope that the work ethic I have demonstrated this semester sticks around too.

Luckily, researching for sources for the completed annotations has been finished for awhile. I have had all of my interviews too, except for the case study assignment. For my final essay I imagine I will do  a bit more research. I think I am going to need more sources that oppose what I am arguing for. But I will cross that bridge when I get there, as there are a few more compare/contrast and author analyses waiting for me!

I hope my fellow info-gatherers are doing well. I think I can be certain that they are excited to turn in the more than 80-page assignment on Monday! So good luck to whoever needs it (which definitely includes me).


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