12 days left….

A dozen days separate now and the due date for the complete annotations. My progress is alright, because I have been working hard the past week to get some annotations done whenever I have spare time. A main assertion here, a compare/contrast there, and so on… But time has been limited lately. Now that the outline is done I can focus energy on getting all of the annotations finished. I plan on allowing myself at least four days to thoroughly edit all of my work. If there’s one thing I learned this semester, it’s that editing is important. Important is an understatement.

I am a litte nervous about these complete annotations because I realize the way that I write them has changed over the course of this semester. Luckily, the annotations have seem to changed for the better. But I am a tad worried that the structure and content of the annotations I completed during spring break is going to be different than the ones I have worked on recently. I would imagine that it will be best to have  consistent annotations, even though (of course) each source is going to be different. Regardless, it’s a bit late to go back and change anything I dislike from previous annotations. And who has time these days to worry about things like that any way? Not I, or any other info-gather-ers I’m sure.

I am completely done researching for my sources now. I remember being  concerned about which newspaper articles I was going to do complete annotations for, because many of them were outdated or from smaller newspapers. However, I was fortunate (and maybe even a tad smart) to look for more articles online a week or two ago. I simply typed in “plastic bag ban” into a good ol’ google search, and was pleased to come across a little gem titled “Proposal would recycle plastic bags, not ban them” from the Chicago Tribune. Also, after class last week, Professor Thompson filled me in on the fact that articles from the Seattle Times are adequate articles. The Seattle Times is a major newspaper, but I didn’t realize how major it was. Now I have four general periodical articles that I feel confident using for the complete annotations. They have a lot of good information to use within my essay, which is kind of the point of choosing them right?

I really need to start writing my annotations more quickly. I set a lot of time aside to do the annotations, but I noticed I am not using that time as efficiently as I should. I have to block out other distractions in order to do this. Also, I must stop over-thinking things as I am writing the annotations. If I don’t do this, I will not have enough time to edit all of them before I turn them in! So that’s my game plan.





One thought on “12 days left….

  1. Hi Carrie! First of all, your title shocked me (although, I know, it shouldn’t have…)! I have just been so caught up with readings, exams, presentations and another research paper that I haven’t really fathomed how little time is left in the semester. But thank you for pointing that out.
    I think you should go back to some of your old sources, but perhaps you don’t have to edit your past annotations (I agree – that would take too much time). Going back to your past annotations and sources will help you see the old info in light of all this research you’ve done to date. Also, I assume you have some sources which you threw out because you came across better sources. I highly suggest looking back at some of these discarded sources because you might be able to use them in a different way than you initially thought you would. When I was reevaluating my source list, I decided to reread one of the articles I initially threw out because I thought it wasn’t relevant enough. It turns out that it actually is pertinent to my research question (since I modified my question so many times already), and now I am using it as an annotated source.
    All the best – 12 days of productivity to both of us! 🙂

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