One step closer to the (big & scary) deadlines

The end of the semester is finally starting to feel close. Which makes sense, as finals are right around the corner.  More daunting than finals, however,  is the deadline for the complete annotations: May 6, only two weeks away! As well as the final paper that is due less than two weeks after the annotations on May 13. Hence, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I recently discovered that one of the general periodical articles I intended to use in the major project is a column. And, of course, the column was one of the seven sources I used for the complete annotations assignment over spring break. But this is just a minor setback. I wrote an annotation for another general periodical article earlier this week so I am (sort of) back on track. This weekend is going to be dedicated to writing newspaper articles and source annotations–which seems to be  common routine for me these days! My goal is to write at least three annotations this weekend. I was hoping to have more written by today, but two exams–and some sleep–may have hindered my plan.

Yesterday I turned in the observation annotation and the case study memo. I had a great time conducting my observation at WinCo Foods and Safeway grocery stores in Corvallis, Ore. The city is one of only three in Oregon with a disposable-bag law, and it enforces a ban on plastic bags and a 5-cent fee on paper bags at all retail stores. Although it may not seem particularly fun to sit alone in grocery store for an hour, I enjoyed observing people to see if  Corvallis’ bag laws are actually working. I felt like an anthropologist, watching and thinking about peoples’ behaviors and reactions. I made a tally sheet to record the number or shoppers that carried  groceries out of the store in either a reusable bag, a purchased paper bag or by hand or in a cart. I discovered that the policy is effective to a certain degree, as shoppers are bringing reusable bags more than any other option for carrying out items. However, I noticed that significant number of customers were willing to pay 5 cents per every paper bag to transport their merchandise. I believe this was the most important discovery of my observation because it made me realize that a 5-cent fee is not effective in dissuading shoppers from using paper bags, which are arguably just as negative for the environment as plastic bags. After conducting the observation I changed my question to stating that the federal government should place a 10-cent fee on paper bags, in addition to a ban on plastic bags.

I am finding more and more everyday that writing has become easier. I am not sure if easier is the correct word because I have so much to improve on and learn in my writing. But I can admit that I have become quicker at translating my thoughts into words. In that sense writing is now less challenging; and now I am able to have a tad more free time for other homework or other responsibilities. Let’s hope I did not jinx myself, though, because speedy writing skills are going to be necessary in finishing the rest of the complete annotations!






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