Two Complete Interview Annotations

This past week my classmates and I finished two complete annotations for interviews. I think the interviews I conducted were extremely helpful, perhaps more so than other sources I have found. Nancy Broshot, my first interviewee, was not an expert on plastic-bag bans by any means. However, she has such a deep background in environmental work that she was able to help me understand the damage single-use plastics can cause the environment. She really helped me to understand why plastic-bag policies are not accepted in certain parts of the country. Her explanation was that states invested in the petroleum and plastics industries are going to consider plastic-bag laws as invasive, unnecessary and convenient. The second person I interviewed was Debra Higbee-Sudyka. She agreed with Broshot that states invested in such industries are not going to welcome environmentally friendly policies. Higbee-Sudyka’s interview was really exciting because she is extremely qualified to give good information about plastic-bag bans and other policies. She carried the Corvallis plastic-bag ban to victory, and spent a lot of time doing so. She was able to tell me, first-hand, what it takes to get a plastic-bag ban passed.

Both of the interviews strengthened my opinion that a national plastic-bag ban should be implemented. Although both ladies admitted that a national ban may be far from reach, they agreed that it would be a positive law for our country to implement. They both indicated how dangerous plastic bags are for the environment, and explained why plastic bags are a great starting point for future single-use plastic bans. They agreed that plastic bags should be 100 percent eliminated from the environment. I, of course, agree and plan to use the information they provided me with to argue that the United States should eliminate plastic-bag consumption.

I thought that my research was complete, however, I recently discovered that I need to find two trade journals for my final complete annotations. I am having quite a bit of trouble doing so, though. It seems that every trade publication I find does not have  valuable articles about plastic-bag policies. A part of me thinks this is the case because the plastics industry wants to lessen the media coverage of the bans. I believe that the industry must think any spotlight on the bans will only spread awareness about the harmful effects of plastic-bag use. But that is just my speculation.

The writing process is starting to become quicker for me. I’m sure that the Warm-Ups, along with the my weekly newspaper articles for the Linfield Review, have allowed me to convert my thoughts into words (and move my fingers to type) much faster. Next up: The observation assignment!


One thought on “Two Complete Interview Annotations

  1. Hey Carrie! I would have to agree that the writing process for this class is becoming much easier. I also posted in my blog this week about how much easier it has become. For the warm ups I almost have a set template in my head and it just becomes a matter of filling in the holes.

    I am also glad to hear that your interviews helped you. My most recent interview helped some what, but I wish that I would have been able to talk to my guy for a longer period of time. Just out of curiosity, are there any states that have banned plastic bags? I wonder if this would be a good first step before it becomes a national law. Good work!

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