An internal view of Nancy Broshot

This week’s assignment forced me to conduct an interview with Nancy Broshot, an associate professor of biology and coordinator of environmental studies at Linfield College. I shouldn’t say “forced,” as I ended up having a great time chatting with her about my topic and many other environmental  issues. I was extremely happy that Nancy was able to give me beneficial information about plastic bag policies, because her area of expertise does not directly relate to such matters. Her forte, in a nutshell, is forestry and the harmful effects of urbanization on heavily forested areas. She is incredibly smart and knows a lot about consumerist behavior and how it’s the driving force behind the depletion of the environment. 

The interview assignment went well because of my great experience with Nancy. And the short length of the assignment was greatly appreciated. I’m sure my fellow classmates agree with me on that one.

Writing the actual assignment was a successful experience also. I was slightly worried I did not summarize Nancy’s background history well enough, but we’ll see… 

This week’s assignment was the first one where I displayed a new or “modified” proposed question. I had been trying to come up with something for weeks, and finally pieced together enough pieces of the puzzle to reach a solution. My new question now reads: “Should the federal government enforce a tax on single-use plastic bags and paper bags at retail stores?”

I think I am onto something good here… Although I’m sure I’ll change it another time or two.

After reviewing Warm-Up No. 3 in class, I am aware of many grammatical and APA/AP style errors that I’m continuing to make. I manage to still call people “that’s” and institutions “who’s.” There were more spelling errors in my paper than I’d like to admit to. And finally, I left out a period at the end of each of my citations that were created for sources taken off of databases. 

The bottom line is that I need to take more time to revise and edit when I am done writing. I am not allowing myself enough time between when I finish the paper when I start editing. There needs to be a significant gap so that I can let a fresh pair of eyes scan the essay. 

My next mission is to try Web of Science. I hope I’m able to navigate through the database–almost as much as I hope there are articles on the database that pertain to my topic. 

So beware Warm-Up No. 5 (Compare and Contrast), I’m comin’ for ya. 


One thought on “An internal view of Nancy Broshot

  1. Carrie,
    I find it funny that you are worried that you did not summarize Nancy’s background history well enough. I feel as if that was my biggest concern as well. It is almost as if we want to do the professors right by making sure all their information is correct. I made sure that I went over that section of the paper extra. I am glad to see that you were able to re-evaluate your question and change it after this interview. As far as corrections to warm-up three, I have noticed that it was very common for student to continue to make mistakes on AP and APA style. That is where I lost most of my points. I agree that it is important to take more time just to evaluate my style of writing. I know that it help to ask other what they think. Many can catch things than I ever could. If you ever need a second opinion, shoot me an email. As far as the rest of the semester goes, good luck with your topic. I am interested to see what you discover in the end.
    Michael MacClanathan

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