Warm-Up No. 3

Three weeks later, and I’m finally starting to understand the roots of my policy issue. The puzzle pieces are starting to fit together and the dots are connecting, if you will (clearly we learned about figures of speech this past week in class, right?)…

It seems I’ve reached a turning point in my research and writing. Now that I’ve had experience writing and citing in AP and APA styles, I’m starting to feel comfortable using them. I suppose this is a good thing because in Monday’s class I remember hearing Thompson say something along the lines of: Now you have to have APA style down, no excuses. Another quotable line from Monday’s class was “we live in Whoville.” Although that wasn’t the first time he said it, I have failed memorize that rule. While editing this past week I noticed I had a lot of trouble calling organizations “who’s” and what not. Another annoying habit I have is overusing commas. I need to cut down on commas, as well as needless words. Writing tightly is always something I want to improve on.

Now that I have a better grasp on my policy subject I am trying to formulate the perfect question. There is a lot of thinking to do, but I can bet $50 I will be rewriting a new question within the next couple of weeks.

Finding the strengths and weaknesses of my sources for Warm-Up No. 3 went pretty well. I realized how important it is to actually read, comprehend and retain information in your sources. This is because you can only adequately critique another source when you know what it’s strong/weak in in comparison to other sources. Remembering important facts or assertions from other articles, for example, helped to evaluate if my other sources failed to include such information.

As far as the research process goes… Well it’s definitely going, which is a good thing. I ran into trouble finding general periodical sources that will assist me in final project. Many of them pertain to global plastic bag issues, or are too short. I am continuing to find search terms that will help me find all of the articles on plastic bag policies out there. This past weeks’ freshly discovered terms are: polyethylene, measure, municipalities, retail and waste control. Good stuff.

Something important I’ve learned lately is that I need to find my own research and writing routine. Something I don’t get anything done If I go along with the schedules of other people or try to work with them in a group. I’m discovering that I need to almost be selfish sometimes and work alone until it’s time to edit. What a shame, my social life is going to take even a bigger hit. 🙂

But if I ever get overwhelmed, I’ll just remember the wise words of “Just” Jerry Young: “Chip away.”


One thought on “Warm-Up No. 3

  1. Yes, I agree entirely with you about finally understanding historical aspects of your policy issue. Maybe this is because as we continue to research, we are forced to find new sources for our warm ups that may not be as current or as easy accessible.

    It is pretty cool to reflect back on the last few weeks we have been in this class and recognize how much we have already learned, retained and applied to our writing. As we have completed more and more assignments, I have found myself to be less dependent on my AP style book and class notes about APA formatting. Perhaps this is what Susan and Professor Thompson were hoping would happen when we correct our returned assignments each week. Regardless, the practice is really paying off before we begin annotations on our final paper.

    While doing this warm up, I applied a similar technique from past assignments by using articles from authors I deemed credible in the last warm up paper. My meeting with Susan was helpful for finding new search terms. It’s crazy how different search terms can bring up completely new sources.

    In this past warm up blog post, I reflected on how I am becoming more acquainted with my own research and writing process, just like you. I think there are pros and cons to working collectively with other students in the class, however it can also be distracting. Peer-editing is important but you have to have something written first! Do what you got to do.

    Buen trabajo, Carrie!

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