Warm-up No. 2 : Author Analysis


Warm-up No. 2 helped me to understand my topic a little bit more. Obviously the more I think, research, read and write, the more familiar I become. However, I am nervous because my work has not led me to change my proposed question. I’m not sure if I haven’t read enough about plastic bag bans yet, or if I haven’t been thinking critically enough about what the U.S. should actually do about the issues surrounding plastic bags. I am trying to decide whether or not the U.S. should place a statewide ban on the bags, rather than a federal ban that my proposed question asks. I haven’t found enough research that directs me in the right direction. I keep hoping to find: “The U.S. should try to ban plastic bags state by state for these reasons…” Or: “The U.S. should place a federal ban on plastic bags for these reasons…” Currently no states, nor has the Federal Government, has passed plastic bags. The bans have been slowly spreading throughout the nation by municipal legislature. Local advocating, mostly in areas that tend to be liberal and passionate about protecting the environment, is the reason plastic bag bans are eminent and valid policy issues in our country. But I have a hard time believing all of the cities in nation will take the initiative to pass such laws, or even consider them legitimate. That, along with the fact that municipal courts may not have the proper resources to implement such laws, convinces me that enacting bans city by city is not the way to make America plastic bag-free.

Analyzing the authors of all of my sources was actually quite a bit of fun. I sort of felt like a detective. I was surprised to find how the authors were so well-educated and established in their fields. It makes me feel confident that I am finding credible sources for this class.

I had a bit of trouble finding books about my topic for this assignment. I think that my topic is so recent that there isn’t a lot of published work out there pertaining to it. Naturally journal articles and newspaper take less time, energy and money to publish, so there are quite a few of those sources available to me.

I have picked up a few tricks when it comes to researching for sources. I have recently discovered that some articles refer to plastic bags as grocery bags, check out bags or retail bags. There are many key words I can use to search about my topic that I never thought I would.


One thought on “Warm-up No. 2 : Author Analysis

  1. Hi Carrie!

    As a Seattleite, I am used to the idea of plastic bags being banned. However, I am not sure where I would stand when it came to federal legislation banning plastic bags. Do other countries ban them? I am really intrigued by your topic and can’t wait to hear more about your research as the semester continues.

    I’m glad that another person in the class has not yet changed their question! I thought I was the only one. I am in much the same boat. I keep waiting to find research that says, “the solution to this problem is this…” I think maybe I have found some research that will help me re-evaluate my question, and I hope you find some soon.

    You’ve made a great point about using varied keywords. It is frustrating when the databases bounce back the same fifty articles, but I think I will try changing around some of my keywords to see if that helps.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Carrie!


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